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The Saga of Bluewing Continues

Bluewing Episode Guide

Live Action:

Collector's Bust

By Joel A. Danford
Bluewing is out looking for a "collector's bust" of Jango Fett when he stumbles upon a shady back room deal between an unscrupulous sales associate and an evil toymonger.

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Graves Don't Lie

By Berkley Priest
The first issue of Bluewing! Our hero stumbles onto Gravestone, a "mean spirited" spook from beyond the grave who commands an army of dark creatures. Will this mean the end of our hero?

Spies DON'T Like Us

By Joel A. Danford
Bluewing tackles the League of Assassins, a bag full of international spy cliches, in this daring adventure.

One Dark and Gritty Halloween

By Joel A. Danford
A mysterious hooded figure is burrying headless bodies. What's this? One of the bodies is BLUEWING'S?!

Mary X-mas

By Joel A. Danford
Mary was a bad girl last year and didn't get what she wanted. This year all she wants is revenge. She captures Santa in a diabolical chimney trap and only Bluewing can save him.

Enter Blackwing

By Joel A. Danford
From the far depths of the middle east comes a stranger to challenge Bluewing who looks and moves exactly like our hero only he's all black.

Sucks to be You

By Joel A. Danford
Our hero is on holiday in Transilvania when he crosses paths with the "real" Dracula.

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

By Joel A. Danford
A master illusionist turned criminal arranges his greatest feat ever: the unmasking of Bluewing!!

Justice Never Rests

By Joel A. Danford
Bluewing is on vacation in New Mexico when he discovers that his luggage has been lost but more importantly.. his Bluewing costume and trusty Katana were lost with it! Bluewing hears a scream and meets up with the Chupa Cabra. Without his outfit and katana, what will he do?

Pulling Strings

By Joel A. Danford
An evil being calling himself the "Puppet Master" has taken control of Nation's leaders with demonic little marionet puppets.

Down the Drain

By Joel A. Danford
Bluewing VS the Master Diver. A spurned former navy diver plunges the city under water while he uses his skills to rob and plunder beneath the surface of the water. Bluewing must find a way to stop him and save the city.

Liberty or Death

By Joel A. Danford
Never published: The direct follow up to the first issue; "And you thought beating Gravestone was tough, wait'll you see Bluewing against 12 ninjas in a high flying battle for life,.."

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