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The Saga of Bluewing Continues
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Bluewing is the brainchild of Berkley Priest. Orginally Priest had teamed up with Joel Danford in 1988 to make some local comics under Danford's then named Superclutz comics. After a rejection from New England comics saying that Superclutz was too similar in name to another comic book hero, Danfordl decided to rename the character and the company and South Boston comics was born in 1989. It was under this new umbrella that Priest would begin anew and create Bluewing. Sadly after the first issue, Priest lost interest in comics and the world was left hanging for the next installment.. "Liberty or Death" which came almost ten years later in 1997.

Priest had given up Bluewing to Danford years ago and in between that time Danford had done some issues as a means of blowing off creative steam inbetween his own creative ventures. Later he would publish them locally in small quantities just for the love of it.

More recently, Danford has made a short on mini DV continuing the saga of Bluewing in live action. Hopefully this will be a new begining for Bluewing as the saga continues..


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