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The Saga of Bluewing Continues


Q&A with Mike McFarland: Voice Director/
"Toy Monger"

conducted via e-mail

Q:What things have you done voice work on other than DragonballZ?

A:I have worked on numerous radio commercials, including being the spokesperson for Newcastle Brown Ale. I have also worked on other Anime programs, some of which are as "Goemon" on Lupin the 3rd and "Kazemaru" on Yu Yu Hakusho. I am also the voice director for the original Dragonball series.

Q:Have you done any live-action movies other than Bluewing?

A:Yes, but most of them are independents and shorts. There is one floating around out there somewhere called "The Rage WIthin" that I had a good size supporting role in. The cast also includes Fred Williamson (From Dusk 'Til Dawn), Richard Norton (License To Kill), and Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster).

Q:I've heard that you are also a composer.

A:I have written some original music for film score. I hace also written other original material, and I perform acoustic guitar gigs and sing a couple of times a week.

Q:You are also in a comedy troupe. What is the name and when do you guys perform?

A:The troupe is called Section 8, and we usually perform twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00 at The Ozona Stage. For more information, check out .

Q:What was it like to do a voice over for yourself?

A:It was fun! Of all the work I've done before, I had not yet got a chance to do that.

Q:How did the experience compare to what you normally do?

A:All independent and short film work is a different experience in every aspect. For this film, the preparations and filming of the last bloody moment in the film was probably the most different experience from other work I've done.

Q:You do so many things. What is the one thing that you want to be noted most for?

A:Being able to think and create on the fly. Improvising and character exploration. Thinking beyond the script.

Q:What are your current projects?

A:I am currently directing "Dragonball", which is aired on the Cartoon Network. I am also about to start work on an independent short called "Caffeine Headache".

Q:What are your aspirations for the future?

A:To keep working and stay happy.

Q:How did you get involved with this project?

A:I was referred to Joel by a mutual friend after they worked together on "American Nightmare".

Q:The Toymonger's demise is pretty final. Is there a chance of you returning as the Toymonger or perhaps another villain, even in voice overs?

A:If the opportunity presented itself, I would love to. It's all up to Joel and his imagination.


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